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The goth emo girl friend that everyone wants

Is 100% bi I see you looking at momo and denki
Jirou a Bad bitch with the best playlists out there
by Connie🍖😌✋ January 15, 2021
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My Hero Academia character who has a quirk (super power) called ear-phone jack which let's her hear though walls and use her heart beat as super sonic waves to beat her opponent.Has an obsession with Denki Kaminari.
Person 1:"Hey,have you seen Jirou from Mr hero academia?"
Person 2:"Yeah,what about her?"
Person 1:"She just this really cool character with a really cool quirk, she's actually my favorite character in My Hero Academia "
by tododeku shipper April 29, 2020
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The name jirou is Beautiful she is emo but really nice at the same time and she’s chill she also really hot
Guy 1: hey you see that kid over there?

Guy 2: yeah, isn’t she that emo nice kid?

Guy 1: yeah wasn’t her name jirou

Guy 2: yeah
by the anime simp 101 March 21, 2021
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