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It is a slang term for the word Money.
Yo i Went down Beantown to collect my "Jiros"

Yo why you playing me fo' give me my fucking "Jiros"
by MyManGoinOnSick June 16, 2010
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Jiro -is a noun used to describe the process of rotating or passing around a vaporizing device, commonly a Juul. Jiro is derived from the word gyration.
"Don't fuck up the jiro dawg"
Takes three hits of a Juul

"What the fuck you dumbass queer. Get the fuck out of our jiro you smelly gooofy-ass motherfucker. If I see you one more time i'll have you tied to the back of my car with your scrotum dragging on the road"
by GyroAssMofo July 17, 2018
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A cool character made up and used in the Suikoden II game.
Jiro is the leader of the stae army
by MONKEY October 28, 2003
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Jiro is cool, he is popular at school
so many people like jiro. he is kind of popular at his school
by whoamikylie November 12, 2018
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