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Commonly known as Brutes, these enemies in Halo 3 (although a prototype version appears in Halo 2) are tough and specialize in force-to-kill. They often lead packs of Unggoy. They wear Power Armor, which regenerates similarly to an Energy Shield but falls off when depleted. Death of pack-mates and loss of Power Armor often cause them to go berserk; they ignore their weapons and try to melee their enemies to death.

Some weapons held by Brutes:
Gravity Hammer
Brute Shot
Spike Grenade

Some vehicles they drive:

Some quotes:
"Damn you, Demon!"
"Save some for me!"
"For you, this was made!"
"Use your grenades!"
"Brutes! The faster you can kill those Brutes, the better." -Cortana on the level Gravemind, referring to Master Chief's first rough-in with Jiralhanae

"What, more Brutes?" "Worse." -The Arbiter, who was tired of fighting Brutes, then Master Chief replied because he knew that the ship held Flood.
by an elite April 19, 2009
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+ Korean slang: Literally means to become a retarded lunatic This word is used to describe someone who is really fucked up mentally.
He is a jiralhanae
by HasHasu October 18, 2003
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