a person who thinks that in order to solve government problems, we should use every force we have (army, navy, air force, marines)
Randy: "Hey there Billy Bob! Did ya hear that them middle easterners are protestin' us?"
Billy Bob: "Send in them troops! Blow 'em to bits!!! Damn foreigners!!! I'm proud to be one o' them jingoists!"
by EUREKA!!! BACON!!!! October 26, 2009
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Aggressivly, obtrusivly, or interferringly displaying patriotism
The hundreds of mini american flags along the Gloucester boardwalk are quite jingoistic, and give visitors the wrong impression of the town.
by tamsandwich May 27, 2009
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An American website designer who doesn't know another world outside of the USA exists - a wanker who designs a form page with obligatory "State" and no other country options
Use two letters to define what 'State' you live in (ie FL = Florida) whereas Cheshire is on another planet obviously designed by a Yankee Wanker Jingoist
by Daze_Off April 29, 2012
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