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A girl who is risky, cute and beautiful. A pretty and beautiful girl. She is sporty and fun. She flows threw problems like notes flow threw muaic. She is a different girl who does not judge by the cover of someone. She tries to be friends with everyone. SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL PERSON
That girl is a party animal. She must me a Jimena
by Just anything January 04, 2015
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She is a great persons. She is loud and crazy but loved. She will do anything for her friends.
Jimena a is loud and loved by her family and friends
by Itzmylife August 18, 2017
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Jimena~ She is a very rebellious girl, doesn't follow rules, she makes her own. She will easily fall for anyone, she tries not to get attached to people, knowing that one day they will depart. Jimena Is a very loving girl she will be by your side all the time, even though she feels as if no one is by hers.
Some person~" Jimena, thanks for being there."
Jimena~"C'mon lets go tag some walls"
by Zoinks...Jinkies... October 12, 2017
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Hot. Sexy. Sweet. Hot. Cute. Amazing. brilliant. has short fuse. Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa. a Mexican pop singer. Hurricane Jimena lashes Mexican Pacific resort. Of Spanish origin. The meaning of the name is `Listener`. Supplanter, to follow. Feminine form of XIMENO. This was the name of the wife of El Cid.
Jimena was the second strongest tropical cyclone of the 2009 Pacific hurricane season. Forming early on August 29, off Mexico's Pacific Coast, the system rapidly intensified into a Category 2 hurricane the same day. After a brief pause in intensification, it strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane early on August 30, peaking close to Category 5 on September 1. When the hurricane struck Mexico on September 3 it caused $59.8 million in damage and killed three people with another two missing.
by flavah August 20, 2010
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