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Jim Moriarty is probably the best villain you will ever have the pleasure of watching. He is both scary and super funny at times. He is the center of a web. He is a consulting criminal. Played by the fabulous actor Andrew Scott.

You should see him in a crown.
Jim Moriarty can go from super wacky to dark and scary...

Jim: The flirting's over Sherlock. Daddy's had enough now~

Jim: SAY THAT AGAIN. Say that again and know that if you are lying to me, I will find you... and I will skin you...

Jim: Every story needs a good old fashioned villain.
by Amazing Chocolate Factory June 09, 2014
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Jim Moriarty is the sexiest, most annoying yet badass villain you will ever gaze your Sherlockian eyes before. He is the most evil person ever and he destroys everything but you still love him. Jim Moriarty is the cause of some of the best Fanfictions ever. He is a huge massive bitch but god damnit, he's a sexy mother f**ker.
Jim Moriarty: "Hahaha look I'm evil!"
Everyone: "You are soooo sexy!"
Jim Moriarty: "Here's a death threat on an apple!"
Everyone: "SEXY!"
Everyone: "You bitch! I still love you!"
Jim Moriarty: "I killed myself."
Everyone: " NO!"
Everyone: .........
Jim Moriarty: "Did you miss me?"
Everyone: "YOU BASTARD! OH. GOD. YES!!!"
by Johnlock_is_Bae October 16, 2015
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