the most amazing girl anybody could ever meet! a best friend for sure, and the best best friend you could ever have! alwAYS so much fun, laughs wayyyyy too much, gets high on m&m's, and won't let anyone get bored!
Omg, i want a jilian as my BFFl.
Woah, that girl is so Jilian.
by hehehart October 20, 2010
Kind,Amazing,Sweet and beautiful. Jilian never gives up. Gets mad at you but would sooner or later forgive you.
“Jilian is a great friend.”
by Wut?5 October 22, 2018
One of the most unique girls in the entire world. She's very understanding and patient. She is creative and a jack-of-all-trades. She loves to sleep. She is very romantic, even though she tries not to let it show. If you are pursuing someone named Jiliane, don't give up. She's a keeper. She's very sweet and modest from the outside but beware on how she acts behind closed doors. She's very competitive but tries her best not to put anyone else down.
Person 1: Dude, do you know anyone named Jiliane?
Person 2: Yup, she's the best.
by idj8sh October 19, 2019
a girl who's

and everybody loves her.
i admire that jilian.
by orangebaboon January 14, 2009
jilian is the best girlfriend on the planet and I wish her a happy birthday
“She could be deadly and very beautiful “ you do not want to piss jilian off”
Jilian is the hottest person I met and I want to wish her a happy birthday
“Jilian is very sexy