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Jihoo is a very caring person. She will help anyone who asks despite it possibly affecting her in a negative way. Jihoo always wants to make people happy. She has a positive outlook on like and naturally attracts those around her. She is also very beautiful! People around her constantly tell her how pretty she looks and she deserves all the love and attention she gets. Her happiness is contagious, and her laugh makes everyone smile. You would be very lucky to be her friend, for she is loyal and passionate and always wants the best for others. Get a Jihoo in your life!
"Jihoo is one of the best human beings I have ever met"
by https.elia June 14, 2019
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Especially Korean unisex name with various meaning based on those two letters.
usually "ji"means wisdom and "hoo" means empress, "jihoo" means a wise empress.
(also it could have another meaning based on it's letters which has variety of meaning with same pronunciation)
jihoo = ζ™ΊδΎ― = wise empress
by mpathy4u July 15, 2019
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