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An absolutely pulchritudinous boy who is sunshine in any world or sky. He’s sweet and caring enough to spend the whole night listening or singing to/with you. Jielsen can be a bit of an apologetic pinhead but we all love him for it! He apologizes to chairs, tables, and occasionally, doors and always laughs about it afterwards. If he ever says he’s ugly, don’t believe him. He’s a hottie and should know it with the amount of adorable things and moments he has. He can struggle with being stuck in the past and getting over himself, but is willing to change and learn how to work through them. Jielsen’s one of the best bois I’ve ever met and I hope I never lose him and his infectiously bubbly personality as my friend. You always feel safe and good when you’re talking to him, no matter how long it’s been.
God, I love Jielsen!

Oh Jielsen, I love that man!

Jielsen is the fricken best!

What kind of a name is Jielsen?
How do you look a baby and think Jielsen?

If you combine Nielsen and jellyfish you get Jielsen.
by peachy._.sweet September 01, 2019
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