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Jishi- An Asian person who grows up in the Upper East Side, yet manages to avoid any kind of assimilation or absorption of the UES culture. Most importantly, such person manages to acquire no sense of class whatsoever. Instead, they choose to engage in the ballin' lifestyle which is comprised of poppin' bottles,befriending strippers yet doing nothing with them,chasing/stalking and crying over "spanish mamis",and pursuing women who have had at least one c-section. Upon reading this, such person will have to look up what a c-section is, due to the fact that they defy the Asian smart myth and have a very low IQ. Being that such person has a low IQ and spends time with other men's children (putting him in a comparable mental age group), any jokes such person makes usually involve some kind of cartoon or childish reference. Said person usually makes up for all of the forementioned flaws by throwing money around a.k.a making it rain.
Synonomous with idiot
A "trader" for one of the top banks in the world. Ticket scalper on the side. Complete idiot.

That jishi just messed up my marks.
by Iown You January 17, 2008
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