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He is known to many as a beast. He's a nigga from the east. Incredibly giant black man, but sometimes confused for a Lebanese child. Glasses? Usually. If a Jewrad's eyes are working properly, meaning his contacts have been properly lubed up, then you will not see him with glasses. This is never the case.

Some characteristics of the Jewrad: playing stupid Jewrad jokes on his friends, mumbling stupid Jewrad phrases that don't amount to anything, getting piss drunk and overanalyzing the war in Iraq with stupid Jewrad friends, tells stupid Jewrad stories that seem a little bit unbelievable, but then backs those stories up with even more stupid Jewrad unbelievable stories.

A Jewrad is not afraid to cry at any time of departure.

You know you know a Jewrad if:

You have been asked to call back a different number because his phone is dead.
You find one or more articles of clothing at your house that clearly belong to a Lebanese boy.

You are staring in the face of strong, intimidating, magical, black, sexual, welcoming, confused, scared, sad, chocolate death.
Hari: "Jewrad! How is going on man?"
Jewrad: "Shut the fuck up! I'm a nigga from the east."
by DomeHome October 20, 2010
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