To set your house or business on fire on purpose to get the insurance money.
"Hey, what happened to the bar?"

"The owner wasn't doing so well so it got struck by Jewish Lightning."
by SixSixSix August 12, 2004
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Supposed cause of fire deliberately arranged by the owner to burn down a property or business in order to benefit from insurance money or similar, such as destruction of documents and records.
What happened to that old kvetcher, Max? He's dressed in bright colors and looking so happy...

Haven't you heard? His art gallery literally went up in flames, struck by a fortunate case of Jewish lightning.
by nycgw July 11, 2009
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arson, specifically for the purpose of insurance fraud. because it is a crime of greed, it gets tagged to the stereotypically greedy jewish people. but, come on, we all love jew jokes.
"Holy moley, that yacht's been on fire for the last five hours! How could this happen?"

"You're in New Jersey, stupid. That boat was struck by jewish lightning."
by CheeseShopOwner August 13, 2011
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To set fire to, and burn down completely (arson) a property in order to collect insurance money. The Jewish connotation refers to the Jew's love of money and therefore unwillingness to spend money (and therefore commit insurance fraud).
"Jerry got most of his money when his place got hit by Jewish Lightning."


"Ben Steinfeldenstein's deli was the fortunate victim of Jewish Lighting, and he can now afford that new house."
by josefresco March 13, 2008
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A form of insurance fraud, in which someone destroys or damages (most often by arson) their own property for the purpose of collecting insurance money. Called "Jewish" lightning because the Jews are stereotypically known as a cheap, cheating race.
"So apparently Goldsteinbergowitz's house caught on fire last week. With the insurance money he'll collect, he'll probably be able to buy an even bigger house!"
"Jewish lightning if I ever saw it."
by SophiaChicken September 22, 2013
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Intentional arson to one's own business or home in hopes of receiving insurance money for the damage. Usually done to a home or business that you are having no success selling and are just really desperate to retrieve home equity from. The practice can be prosecuted under numerous felonies, but rarely is, because it's very hard to prove you intentionally set fire to a building. Often times, some idiots pour gasoline all over their building in hopes of it burning faster, but that's the most common way people get caught for it. As soon as the cops and the fire department smell gasoline and see it everywhere, you're getting arrested for arson and attempted insurance fraud, and you won't get a penny from insurance.

The term is in reference to the fact that, prior to WW2, most Jewish businesses in Europe were boycotted, so they went out of business. Because they were out of business, and no one wanted to buy a Jewish business, the businesses and buildings were essentially worthless because no one would buy them. But because, on paper, the business and its building still had value, Jews would often intentionally set fire to their own businesses in hopes of getting insurance money from it, because that was the only practical way they could take back the equity value of their business.
Bob's convenience store went out of business, and then coincidentally burned down after he failed to sell it. He got a million dollars of insurance money.

Bob also wanted to move after this, but since his home wouldn't sell, he set fire to it to get insurance money. This time, however, Bob was impatient, so he poured gasoline all over his house. This was a bad decision, because as soon as the fire department and the cops got there, the smelled the Gasoline and knew it was Jewish lightning. He got arrested and convicted of arson and attempted insurance fraud and got sentenced to 5 years in prison. He also got no insurance money.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx January 15, 2021
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Jewish Lightning puts another Irish fighter down in the first round.
by jlight August 9, 2006
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