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Jeuel (Ju-l) She's a Cute funny girl that has a lot of mood swings. She can be your bestfriend just don't get on her bad side once you mess up she might not forgive you or give you the same trust. She will always care for you and love you, She loves cats and dogs but mostlyyyy Cats! She's always open for advice and support.
Boy1:"Woah, Who's that?"
Boy2: "That's Jeuel bro!"
Boy1: " Wow she seems funny and chill imma talk to her."
by Yafavv Nai <3 December 10, 2018
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is a le-gend... referred to as being 'ledge'
''Jeuel? yea he's ledge''. Such a legend i'd let him have a go on my mum.
by legend123 February 03, 2010
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