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Anything that holds together a critical assembly, such as a main roter on a helicopter. If the nut, bolt ect. in question fails then the equipment will catastrophically fail and everyone in/around it will be on their way to see Jesus.
"Tighten that damn Jesus nut down good cause I ain't in the mood to see him today".
by Jumpingrat July 02, 2006
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There are a number of different meanings for Jesus Nut among the commonest are:-

a) In US Army slang, to describe something or someone vitally important to an enterprise. Said to come from the mythical Jesus nut that, supposedly, holds on a helicopter’s rotors.
b) In US Army slang, as a term of contempt for someone with an over-inflated opinion of themselves.
c) An overenthusiastic Christian.
a) Jonesie's workin' on the radio again.
Yeah! He knows it's the goddam Jesus Nut when we're on patrol tomorrow.
b) Look at that STRAC REMF struttin' round. Who's he think he is, Jesus Nut to the whole goddam war?
c) That padre is a real Jesus Nut!
by Croatalin December 06, 2013
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