When a person of secular reason has finished explaining something, to the extent of their knowledge, and the person they are explaining to says, Jesus is the reason beyond that explanation.
Friend: Did you enjoy talking with David about the origin of species.
Guy: Ya but he kept Jesus Smuggling when I got to the primordial soup.
by Botched Toe September 16, 2018
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When a person of the Christian faith takes a rational approach to a topic of discussion, and then reveals that their true intention was to bring Jesus in the back door of the conversation without anyone noticing until it's too late.
Tom pre-wrapped Jesus in a robe of logic before stepping forward and entering the conversation with Sammy and Mandy, look at all these facts Tom exclaimed peeling back the layers, Sammy and Mandy reviled in Tom's logic and drank in the refreshing ideas he had. Then as quick as a fiddle Tom unveiled his true intentions, bringing Jesus into the conversation! "Ahh your a damn Jesus Smuggler!" Sammy exclaimed, Mandy shook her head, she didn't like Jesus Smuggling. But it was too late and the damage was done, they had listened to his reasoning and the seed was sown in their mind.
by Tybaltdavies July 21, 2019
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