Jessicka (born Jessica Fodera on October 23, 1975) is a taleneted American singer and painter who is best known for her bands Jack Off Jill and Scarling.
"Dreadlock-clad Jessicka was the center of all the hype and attention that JOJ received."

"On April 8, 1994 Jessicka played a benefit show for Rock Against Domestic Violence with Babes in Toyland and 7 Year Bitch, ironically the same day lead-singer of American grunge rock band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, had been found dead in his Seattle home."

"Jessicka has been romantically linked to several famous men in music such as Jeordie White, guitarist Clint Walsh (Tweaker, Gnarls Barkley), Carlos Dengler from Interpol and the current guitarist of Scarling., Christian Hejnal. "
by Sinnamoan Spyder September 05, 2006
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The then front woman of the band Jack Off Jill who now writes for and sings in the band scarling. She has amazing vocal talents and twistedly awsome lyrics.
"Tearing at my skin leaving knives in my brain, stabbing the voices making me insane" -Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole by scarling.

"Jessicka made a the Cure cover?"
"Yeah! With JOJ they did Love Song"
by Dark Fairy27 August 02, 2006
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The lead singer of Jack Off Jill, and after they broke up Scarling. Born on October 23 1975 and lived in Sunrise Flordia. She's also friends with Marilyn Manson.
Random human- Hey have you heard of Scarlings new album "So Long Scarecrow"?

Other human- Yeah, Jessicka Fodera has an amazing voice.
by Miranda<3 June 23, 2006
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Jessicka Addams (formerly known as Jessicka Fodera) is a musician singer/songwriter for the band Scarling. She was previously the head of Jack-Off-Jill, which broke up in mid 2000, due to bassist Robin Moulder's stress from lack of credit. Jessicka starred in the film 'Ellie Parker', she was casted after meeting Scott Coffey through a mutual friend. She currently lives in LA, working on modeling and art.
Jessicka Addams is a great artist.
by ScarletScareBear January 14, 2010
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