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I'm sick of reading these incoherent definitions of JOJ, so I'll put in an accurate one. They're not metal or goth rock, and anyone who says they're either obviously knows nothing about either genre. Though Jessicka does scream, they're simply a rock band of mainly girls. They broke up in 2000 (not 2000) due to conflict between Jessicka and Robin because Robin thought she wasn't getting enough credit for JOJ.

Marilyn Manson convinced her to change the name from Jack In Jill to Jack Off Jill, and he didn't persuade her while she was drunk OR in bed...It was simply through a hallucinating contest. Anyway, they've had a total of 12 members in the band, including Daisy from Manson's group.

Since the band broke up, Jessicka has started a new band called Scarling., which is quite different and always ends in a ".".

Glad we've cleared all that up.
Jack Off Jill rules.
by Bloodshed December 22, 2004
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an amazingly cool band!
wouldn't put em in a genre of music cus theres many they could come under.
basically they just rock!
i heart joj very much <3
i don't want anybody else, when i think about you i touch myself
by ~* CharlooT *~ February 21, 2005
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An apparently "girly" band that was awesome, but I am a fan and I am a male. Anyway, they were a Gothic Alternative Rock band was made up of mostly females. They broke up in late 2000 because of PMS problems or something. They have a music video of My Cat. And the former lead singer Jessicka formed another band in 2001 called Scarling, which is pretty good.
by Prince Leviticus October 19, 2004
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female rock band. Known for their onstage antics and Jessickas sweet voice to screaming.
I wouldnt call them a goth band but they were well known in that scene and underground.
Also part of the 90s riot grrrl, but didnt really break through.
They have a demo record and only had 2 studio albums and one wicked video for the song My Cat.
jack off jill rules.

ps ; i keep hearing people say they sung i touch myself and did a song called our town with korn. Both of those false "facts" Thank god cause Korn suck.
by poisoncandy July 08, 2006
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One f'in amazing girl band! I dunno what they would come under really.. they're like.. goth.. but not... I dunno, don't care either really, as long as it's not townie music I'm fine! Jessika is one amazing woman too.. she also sings in Scarling which are kool too!
*She said kill me faster, with strawberry gashes all over, all over*- Strawberry Gashes- Jack Off Jill- One damn kool song!
by RaNdOmAnGeL December 23, 2003
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the pioneer band in female Gothic rock bands, jack off jill (joj) is the most likely inspiration for Kittie and perhaps even Otep. they disbanded a while back, with each member doing a few side projects. They have currently resurfaced as Scarling. That release is yet to come(Band Aid covers the Bullet Hole, released as vinyl, for now). JOJ only produced two albums...Clear Hearts Grey Flowers and Sexless Demons & Scars. these two albums were amazing, and can still be bought in a few places. All in all, JOJ is an amazing band that had much potential, and will most likely make a powerful comeback in their latest incarnation.
"Jack off Jill is an amazing female metal band"
by Cinnamon Spider July 10, 2003
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They also had an EP called Covetous Creature with SMP from Marilyn Manson on guitars. Manson also gave them their name. Moulder's side project is T-C-R with Chris Vrenna, Nine Inch Nails, on guitar for afew tracks.
You know the babe from Jack off Jill
Shes Fit!
by Jamin August 03, 2003
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