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Jeshly is a smart and funny girl.she cares about her family and friends.And she’s the biggest sneaker head. Jeshlys are so pretty and so crazy and SO LOUD. Jeshly likes and is friends with everyone.jeshly is such a pretty and fun and crazy and goofy person that everyone wants to be her friend
•Wow you can hear Jeshly from here

•Jeshly knows everything about shoes maybe she cleans them for you
by Adhhd May 07, 2018
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1. A person who is stylish, geeky, fun, and loud.
2. A person who is sporty, just doesn't show it.
"I can hear a voice, it's very faint", he said.
"It sounds like squealing", she said.
"It must be a jeshly", they said.
by _piggers_ December 17, 2014
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