Cute tall guy, who is super funny. Is not a follower nor leader. Can dazzle dozens of girls with one smile. shy at first, loud the next. A person you want to know. Tough but loving. Modest. lives life one day at a time. a person who you can feel at ease with (:
"dude, did you see all those girls ?"
"he smiled, hes a jervin. "
by xjayxayex June 4, 2009
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A very strong and loving person. Fighter and a lover. Sexy face and a handsome body. God at the guitar, Beast at videogames. Loves his family, and lives life day by day. Knows what he wants and works hard for it. Loyal. One in a million person. Very humorous and knows how to make his girlfriend laugh(=
by nubcupcakee June 30, 2009
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1. The act of being nervous.

2. A state of anxiety
Yo, his girl is lookin through his phone right now. Homie is straight jervin!

“I’m gonna fail this test, I’m jervin hard right now”
by Treeli September 6, 2018
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Cool as dude. Speaks 14 languages. Likes to laugh. Faithful and wont cheat. He can make your dad laugh. He also speaks an additional 7 languages.
Her: Yo, I cant believe I got to hang out with THE-JERVIN

Me: Yea, you got really lucky fam. real talk.
by JIPS February 25, 2019
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