Someone that always has a seductive smile or smirk, and no one will ever know if it’s intentional.
Girl why he always got that seductive smile on his face? Oh u mean the sexy face?
by Curvalicious March 5, 2018
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a really hot sexy female or male
Guy: Hey do want to go to the club get drunk, talk to sexy faces and maybe burn something?
Guy's friend: Sure


Hey whats up? sexy face
by jcd694 December 9, 2009
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An extremely good looking man. With a clean shaven face. Who knows he is looking very sexy. Everyone knows he's sexy.
Lady 1: That kid Sexy Face is out. I would tap it.
Lady 2: That kids face is just like godly.

All the Women of the World: That sexy face oh he's hot.
by Original Sexy Face February 22, 2011
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