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This is when your mate from Jersey is goosed out his mind at an after party and like out of nowhere he legs begin to stomp to imaginary music in his head. This new disco move is set to sweep the nation, everyone should join in
my mate Gerry was going wild last night at the party - he was certainly doing that new phenomenon the 'Jersey Stomp'
by Cockney Sparrow February 16, 2012
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A Jersey Stomp is when your trash can is overflowing, so you use your foot to push down the trash, enabling you to fit the overflowing garbage into one trash bag.

Named after the state of New Jersey, which is best known for being overflowed with trash, both literally and figuratively.
I really don't want to take out the trash, but its overflowing and I want to throw away this piece of garbage. How can I possibly make room?

Oh, I know....I can use the Jersey Stomp!
by jeffreykittens March 02, 2008
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A dance move regional to the Garden State. One hand, clenched in a fist, pumping in rhythm to the beat of the music with the same side foot stomping on the ground in unison (i.e. Right Hand Pump / Right Hand Stomp). Mostly associated with House Music.
Jake walked into the club and upon hearing the sick beat, began to do the Jersey Stomp.
by Mazzella July 20, 2007
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