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The most amazing boy you will ever meet in your life. He is very handsome, and has an amazing smile. Jerrads eyes will have your heart from the start. He can be an ass hole, but he makes sure that you know he loves you. Cares too much, shows no emotion, tries to hide that he really does truly care more than anything sometimes. He doesn't realize how many people love him. He has a few friends, but they will be with him forever. Jerrad is a very independent person who will do what makes him happy. Jerrad is the most confusing person you'll ever lay eyes on. He changes his mind every other second, and is very stubborn and opinionated. He will accomplish anything he sets his mind to.
"Did you see that Jerrad?.. there was something about him.."
by tsunani February 14, 2010
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Jerrad is an amazing person who we all love very much

We love him, and wish that he never leaves.
Did you see Jerrad, Yeah he is amazing.. I love him
by Tashiiee December 15, 2010
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