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Jerkdown is a competition whereas two or more guys stand at jerkoffs length from each other. Straight guys are preferred for this competition. They then begin to jerkoff, staring each other in the eyes. Eye contact should not be broken, unless it is to stare at the other man's junk. The first to jerkoff wins, splooging on the other man. The most popular forms of the jerkdown are the two-man jerkdown and the three-man jerkdown.

Jerkdowns involving multiple guys function almost the same as the two-man jerkdown. The first person to jerk off gets choice of target for the splooging, and then steps out of the jerkdown. This continues until there are just two left. Then, the traditional two-man jerkdown rules apply.
John and Jim decided to have a Jerkdown after some trips on extacy. Jim won and splooged all over John's thighs. Jim complimented John's intense eye contact, but admitted it helped him jerkoff faster.
by Jon Jerkdown August 14, 2009
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