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A random undercard bum that fights in the UFC that literally no one has a fucking clue who he is or has seen one of his matches. He was most likely paid 14 dollars and a small Italian grinder by Dana to do the UFC press conference and somehow tried to disrespect the greatest fighter in the sport Conor McGregor during it. McGregor famously replying with "Who the fuck is that guy" completely destroying Jeremy Stephens in one sentence.
Reporter- "Conor, Who do you think would give you the toughest fight out of everyone on this stage"

Jeremy Stephens - "I would, I am the hardest hitting 145 pounder, right here. When I knock people out, they don't fucking move"

Conor McGregor- "Who the fuck is that guy?...... Who the fuck is that?" (Crowd erupts in laughter)

R.I.P Jeremy Stephens Career. 2016-2016
by GM123 January 11, 2017
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