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Jennifer-Anne's are generally quiet at first but extremely outgoing once you get to know them. They are at times reserved and never enjoy showing exactly how they feel; for this reason, they are constantly smiling. They are trusted by many yet trust few themselves. Everyone knows that a Jennifer-Anne will be there for you no matter what. They enjoy their music and listen to it often. Good natured and never rude. Generally pretty. Everyone wants to be friends with a Jennifer-Anne, yet at first, she may seem intimidating. Jennifer-Anne's are gentle hearted and do their best to never heart anyone or anything. They often get pushed around because of this. Become friends with, or get to know and Jennifer-Anne and your life will be forever changed.
Tell Jennifer-Anne, she'll know how to help, and you know she won't tell anyone
by whogivesafuck13 November 20, 2010
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