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A Jency is an extremely sexy and playful girl, usually from Singapore. She is a total nerd and loves to play online games, but she also has a wild social side, often staying out all night clubbing and drinking with her friends. She may seem innocent at first glance, but there is a naughty side once you get to know her.

She is very smart but also very lazy. She procrastinates doing her homework until the last minute, but luckily she is smart enough to still pass her classes. She also has a very funny sense of humor.

She is short but sweet. Her body is perfect, with the most amazing dark brown eyes you've ever seen, and a sexy butt and a nice, perky chest (not too big -- just the right size). Her accent is funny and her laugh is contagious, just like her gorgeous smile.
"Wow, that girl is sexy and smart at the same time?! She must be a Jency."
by wkat October 16, 2013
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