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An excuse for the greatest perpetrators of civil rights and racist to rally behind a group of six people, albeit criminals to further their goals of gaining more free government handouts, sympathy, and destroying freedom by instituting mandatory politically correct behavior and speech.

The "Jena 6" Refers to six African American high school students who ganged up beat the shit out of a white kid, knocking him unconscious and putting him in the hospital. Famous black civil rights activist Such as Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have rallied behind the black attackers saying they were racially oppressed and their behavior was excusable.
Can you believe the hypocritical black community choses to rally behind the Jena 6?
by Pancakes of Mass Deliciousness September 29, 2007
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Six black dudes that beat the living hell out of a white kid in Jena, LA. A racial firestorm was ignited in the aftermath.

Although U.S. Attorney Donald Washington has stated that there is no evidence of unfair prosecution, protests arose with accusations of racism.

The small town was then decended upon by thousands of self-richeous college kids from all over the country (half of whom didn't know the facts of the case) with such American treasures as Al Sharpton. The media overblew the story and somewhere in all the quixotic "protesting", everyone seemed to forget about the victim...the kid who got his head stomped on.
The Jena 6 became heroes for jumping somebody.
by YankeeRebelSon September 24, 2007
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6 16-17yr. olds who were charged with aggravated assault after jumping a kid and beating him unconscious. Then, they kicked him in the head while his lifeless body lay on the concrete.

Since the attackers were black and the victim was white, some people came up with the stupid idea to free the attackers (The Jena 6).
Joe: "Free the Jena 6, man!"

Bob: "But they almost killed a defenseless kid."

Joe: "But they're black, so their charges stem from racism!"

Bob: "You're stupid."
by The Truth Shall Set You Free September 17, 2007
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Louisiana highschool students who became heroes in the lower ranks of African-American society for gang-stomping an unconcious racist student. These are likey the same people who cheered when O.J. Simpson got off, apparently believing that anyone who has been the subject of discrimination is entitled to commit vicious acts of violence against others.
“My son is innocent. This is a disgrace and it only manifested the racism that has always existed in this town and this country. They are attacking our young Black males so we have to fight."
Jena 6 mom.
by Pervis January 15, 2008
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6 black teenagers that lynched a white boy, who was hospitalized for over 3 weeks and obtained permanent brain damage due to the lynching.
The issue began over a tree known by most students of mixed cultures as the "Prep Tree", and to a few black kids as the "White Tree". Some black kids sat under the tree and conicidentally the next day there were 3 ropes hanging from the tree. The ropes were a prank against 3 white members of the Rodeo team and had no racial purpose or message.
Due to persistant racial tensions created by special interest groups (KKK, NAACP, La Raza, etc.) a cultural wall of resentment was built.
Following a party crash by some black students with no invitation,even though their friends were at the party, escalated into more than 1 fights ,expelling a few people who were already at the party rightfully. one of the Jena 6 attackers was a crasher . Aother altercation resulting in that same attacker/crasher and a couple other black teenagers scuffling with an older man and stealing his shotgun. 6 black teenagers then beat, and dogg stomped an innocent white teenager unconcious.
The teenagers were tried and since one of them had a prior record and was over 18, he was tried as an adult. The NAACP then, with a multitude of college students and community members not knowing all the details protested this now racial injustice. They spun the story to make it look like the white boy deserved it. The attackers were let go after a conviction, and slap on the wrist.
Intelligent White guy

Jena 6 was just another situation used to perpetuate racial tensions in the U.S. today, when most people have risen above the ignorance and dumb ass idea of racism.

Intelligent Black guy

Yeah, it would be nice if another Jena 6 incident never happened again, but so many people in the spot light and media are still to dumb to understand the idea that there is only one race in othe world. The human race.
by SIZZLLIN March 10, 2011
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Six high schoolers who were told to ignore a racially motivated threat against their lives. They retaliated by jumping one of the instigators, beating him unconscious. They were charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Apparently a shoe is now a weapon of murder.
The Jena 6 should've finished the job on a kid who thought it was funny to threaten their lives.
by Sam is a Dick October 15, 2007
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A nick name given to 6 black teenagers who attacked a white teenager who made a racist remark towards them. They were sent to jail causing accusations of racism because they had simply retaliated to a racist.
Person 1: Did you hear about those black kids who attacked a white kid?

Person 2: You mean the Jena 6?
by Jon Gurniak March 15, 2008
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