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Jeepy, a feet loving, failing cgm player who wishes his game with girls was as good as his aim. After being dropped by two orgs, Jeepy has found it hard settling back into the csgo community. He loves to grab ass while hooking up with chicks while their boyfriend sits at home and cries. Jeepy will forever be a twitch streamer. No matter how many kids he adopts as he is infertile. Jeepy7h.
Where's Jeepy?

Probably tryna snag a cheaky pic of someones feet while their boyfriend watches and doesnt do anything because hes such an alpha male
oh ok
by Lythoo August 28, 2019
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Loves his jeeps! If it's Olive Drab he's into it....if it's over 60 years old he finds it interesting....if it flies he wants to fly in it! If it has rubber on each corner he'll want to thrash it round a track.

Also has a very cute butt, an amazing tongue, beeeg blue eyes, and is a fab boyfriend ;-)
Go to any WW2 airfield and you will find one :-D
by Sparky December 08, 2004
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