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At present it is belived to be a joke cult/pseudo-religion. However it has the possibilty to adapt and grow into a respectable, philosophically sound and above all authentic religious movement which could have potentially great benefits for society, paving the way to a peaceful galaxy... er I mean planet for the moment. The current ridicule against it (as well as calls to oppress it in some areas) could prove to be similar backlash destined to be compared to the persecution faced by early Christians. Or it could not, maybe it could remain as a mere jest for when the census occurs every ten years or an excuse for people to wave some toy lightsabers every time a Star Wars movie is re-released.

I'm not a Jedi myself, in fact philosophically wise I'm probably closer to a Sith of all things! But I would much prefer to see Jedi rule the galaxy... excuse me I mean the planet.

In the end though, I think if there are fans out there who are serious about making a Star Wars convention religion into something more they need it to stay true to the original ideals of the Jedi, whilst allowing it to stand on its own two feet in the real world. It needs to detach itself a little from Star Wars fandom and I mean only a little. Enough for it to be recognised and respected, and eventually outlive the franchise. One day Lucas and Star Wars will die and if it is not treated seriously then Jediism will too (like a child who never got to grow up and explore their true potential.)
Jediist - Ah cool, its 2011 census now and I voted myself Jedi! I feel so cool LUELZ. Want to go watch Phantom Menace with me again?

Jedi - No thank you. Jediism doesn't take itself seriously. A 'Jedi' was kicked out of an employment centre for wearing a hood... it was merely a hooded sweater and not a jedi robe! How can they be expected to treat it seriously? Had he worn the full attire of robe, lightsaber and all associated Jedi accoutments upon entry the incident wouldn't have occured. Besides... Jedi do not work, we protect the galaxy!

Sith - Tell me about it, I went into a library with full Sith attire, lightsaber and yellow sith eyes the other day and they kicked me out, claiming I was a Satanist! A Satanist!? There is no greater power in this universe than me, I would never worship another! Hurry up and get serious Jedi scum, so I can exterminate you in the art of a serious Sith lord destroying a serious Jedi Order. Right now I'm reduced to mere idle conversation and being kicked out of libraries and bookstores!
by Ashla and Bogan March 11, 2011
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an actually religion based on the jedi life style created by goerge lukas
I wonder what the heavens like.
I joined jedi-ism in 1990 and now i posses the force

(adjusts glasses)
by tryfaith May 15, 2005
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1.the retarded abdominal movements created by bad diet and idiocy.

2.the act of psychostimulation through the abuse of dangerous recreational and pharmaceutical drugs while watching George Lucas movies.

3.All who believe in Jediism will be deported to a remote Island of the Sith and sacrificed by the Sith Lords request for blood.

4.all jedi who have been deported and survive will be forever remembered as the most retarted and kiss ass people on the face of this fairly sure that mel gibson has already taken the universe title.

5.So in general... DON'T DO IT!!!!!
see Charles Manson for Jediism massacre...
by sepherothslayer89687 January 15, 2009
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