A verb that describes a level of chaos, dysfunction, and patheticness that cannot be surmised in any other words. When someone exudes a level of sheer degeneracy that has not been previously witnessed by the world.
Guy Sliding Into TikTok Person's DMs: "Hey, I've been seeing you on my fyp and I just thought I should say hi"
TikTok Chick: "Lmao quit jealing in my DMs"
by TheRealBrownSugar January 1, 2021
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Jeal is a cute person,very nice yet rude at times especially if u do something bad to her. Other than that Jeal is someone you want to meet. Jeal is highly attractive so don't expext to get her attention quickly boys. With girls Jeal will keel al your secrets so don't worry she isn't a backstabber like other girls you might meet.
Boy: Jeal is cute
Girl: yeah you and a hundred other boys think so. Your never gonna get her
by Roblox lover 416 December 11, 2017
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Jeal is a loving and kind person. A person you should meet, be friends with, and even share with.Jeal is very cute and she will attract boys fast. Jeal should not backstabb you but if it happens you probably did something you weren't supposed to do.
Boy :Jeal is cute
Passer-byYeah you and a hundred other boys
by Roblox lover 416 December 11, 2017
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Feminine form of the word "Jizz" (can be used as both verb and noun)

pronunciation: "jeel"
origin: a game of dirty scrabble early in the morning.
1. (n.) I've never seen so much jeal in my entire life!

2. (v.) She got the nickname "Ol' Faithful" 'cause she jeals like a geyser.
by t. danger July 13, 2009
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slang for jealous, shortened by taking the -ous off the end.
Man1- "Colleen said she was 'jeal' to me the other day and I was completely lost"

Man2 "You're an idiot! She was trying to tell you that she was jealous!"

Man1- "Oh shit I feel dumb, she's so sophisticated."
by Ralph Smlonger September 15, 2009
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"They's mad jeal of my new jawns."
by mizzity May 20, 2003
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