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A sexy mixed male, very athletic, good with the ladies, and extremely attractive. Is an outgoing person and fun to be around. Can have spurts of gayness. Best at basketball and has an amazing body! A great friend along with boyfriend. Very trust worthy and a reliable person. Has a great and bright future ahead of him.
Your such a Jaymen!
by William Gustov April 13, 2010
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A fine ass mixed and or dark skin that is so fuckin sexy and will make your panties wet. He's great in bed and will fuck you until the neighbors know his name. He treats you like a princess and eats that pussy so good he has a huge fuckin cock and bangs you so damn hard!! He moans so hard and talks dirty to you he's overall a sexy ass mfer
Person a: damn jaymen fucked me so hard last night and ate my pussy like a king
Person b: damn!! I wish I could have a gi like that
by Sadie nicole😍😂✊ August 18, 2017
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A sarcastic,funny,hilarious friend you could ever have. Extremely annoying and nosy some of the times and is very weird with SOME flaws.
This is the most awesome friend you could ever have. Jaymen
by The Unkown Info Girl September 03, 2016
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