Jaymar is a unique name, usually people with this name is very talented and passionate. A Jaymar is a dreamer and goal oriented. He is an old soul who seeks for comfort and enjoys the cozy ambiance of the world. He cares for other people's emotions and well-being, a compassionate pal. He can be shy and quiet at first but when you will dig deeper to his personality, he is very fun and easy to be with. He knows what he can do and is very passionate about the things that nourish his heart,mind and soul. He can be gullible at times because he has a big, pure and gentle heart. A person capable of intellect and emotional intelligence. Jaymar is a Godly, kind and loving man yet he knows how to have fun that's what makes people comfortable around him though he might think he is a snob.
Do you need someone to talk to? Go talk to Jaymar, he knows what to say and do.
by Elizabeth Bennet June 10, 2020
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A Jaymar is a higher than average person specializing in the impossible. The term means to do the imposible. The word was coined after a young Filipino Canadian man named Jaymar Rarang.
Yo, I thought i was gunna bomb that test but I pulled a jaymar and KILLED it!
by Ryan Cabbrera July 28, 2010
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Beautiful Pearl in the sea and might be dramatic sometimes but overall she is the most beautiful and funniest girl I've ever met.
Jaymar Is Beautiful
by -JJ- September 4, 2022
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