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A person that never can find their name on objects, such as key chains or any other trinkets using names to get you to buy it or most importantly getting no results when searching the World Wide Web.
You: Hey Look this key chain has my name on it !
Jaydeen: not mine :(

You: Hey look at all the funny things that came up when I Google my name.
Jaydeen: I got nothing...

Check it out they got Jaydeened when they played that game!
by BrothaSD February 20, 2009
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The best cowgirl name out there.

She is usually very energetic but not annoying.
She loves to be around people and havin a good time.
She has gorgeous skin and is very beautiful.
She love to be one of the guys.
She hates stupid girl drama.
She loves a good bed!

She is always up for sex with a super fine cowboy!
She is very kinky!
Jaydeen: "howdy cowboy. my truck or yours?";)
by Cowgirl17 July 11, 2009
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He is very hot and sexy and loves his girlfriend
Monica: damn he hot

Junior: because he is a jaydeen
by Ms. Beutiful May 21, 2017
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