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A school that tries to be engaging and fun but really drains everyone’s creative spirit and gives all students suicidal thoughts. Best known for racist and ignorant teachers who basically no one likes. Locally, it is referred to as Jay, and its rival school is Stratford Middle School. Basically everyone who attends that school is a snake and will probably backstab you. The mascot is the jayhawks and the main color is blue. How original! (Not really). Overall a pretty garbage school.
Person: What middle school did you go to?
Me: Jay Stream Middle School.
Person: Wow that school sucks.
by Lilpdog May 22, 2018
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A school that tries to focus on positive learning but absolutely fails. Most students are racist and/or jack asses. They don’t do well with punishments, and it seems referrals give no harm. Jay Stream has a rival Stratford, otherwise know as “Straightford” or “gayford.” Not any surprise, they call us gay stream. Not only do the bathrooms smell like crap, but so do the 6th graders. Another unfair thing is only 7th and 8th graders get lockers, yet in the 2019-2020 school year they allowed few 6th graders to have lockers.
“What school do you go to?”

Jay stream middle school...”
You mean Gay stream, right?”
by October 04, 2019
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A wack ass school with horrible students. Almost every boy thinks he is in a gang. Most girls are either weird asf or is a snake. The staff pretty much sucks and goes ballistic if they see a phone so they spent hundreds of dollars buying phone pockets for each room in the entire school. The lunch ladies are crackheads and think their lives are to hard. It’s rival is stratford which is the more rich, white school. The only decent sport is like boys soccer bc nobody fucking does it anywhere else. A pretty fucking bad school overall.
person 1: what is Jay Stream Middle School like?
person 2: it sucks ass
by shesnappedx December 18, 2019
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