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The closest thing to hell that has ever existed on earth. Althought it only contains freshmen and sophmores, it still has around 3,000 freakishly smart, overachiveing students. The teachers differ, but the homework load is always ludicrous. Kids who are not in at least 1 AP class are labeled mentally handicapped and a GPA below 3.5 is considered blashpemous. But the worst part of jasper is that it is a school divided. 2/3 of the students will go to plano senior for their final years of high school, while the other 1/3 will go to plano west, the rival school. Friends made at jasper are torn apart by the split, and school spirit is non-existant.
kid 1: hey what's your GPA?
kid 2: 3.9
kid1: woah that's great!
kid 2: are you kidding me? my parents are going to disown me! im not even in the top 10%! I might as well drop out now and apply for a job at McDonalds!
kid 1:oh yeah I forgot, you go to Jasper High School
by msds203 March 18, 2011
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A school in the suburbs of Dallas which contains horny as shit teens who vape and do all types of shit in the bathrooms. Moreover, the high asian population leads to a massive weeabo population where guys talk about fucking body pillow waifus. But the most infamous trait of all is Jasper's relentless barrage of homework that fucks its students in the ass daily. Students often say "im gunna try something different" and proceed to not do homework for a single day. The next thing they know, their GPA tanks and the teacher's dick is balls deep in their ass.
-Bro, I wanna kill myself right now, there's so much homework! My teachers are all deciding to fuck us at the same time by assigning 5 projects right before semester exams!
-Wow, you must go to Jasper High School!
by Harvard Dropout June 09, 2018
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