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A slang term for dumbass that is used in rural areas of the United States. Oftentimes used between two farmers that may very well classify themselves as rednecks. The roots of this word can be traced to the area near La Crosse, WI and has quickly spread throughout the Midwest region.
"That jasky over there shot my Buck!"

"That fuckin jasky drank all my beer!"

"Goddamn jasky stole my tractor."
by bonfirebill October 31, 2009
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An insulting term used to describe people who are stupid or irritating, and is generally applied to hicks. The word is usually used by a hick to insult another hick. The word originates from a farm town in Minnesota. An example of a jasky would be a person who looks unintelligent, has a stupid nick-name, and is currently in the act of doing something that would be considered ridiculous or moronic.
I saw a jasky on my property today poaching deer.

That jasky stole my tractor.
by Hamhandle October 31, 2009
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