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A widespread religion that died off centuries ago but was revived when it was featured in the anime/manga Naruto. Followers of this religion must worship Lord Jashin. They believe that after every last heathen is sacrificed, a new and peaceful Earth will be created.
I am a follower of Jashinism.
by Aurenaci January 29, 2019
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Jashinism is a religion practiced by Hidan of the Anime/Manga Naruto which requires a masochistic love and self harm, and stresses that anything less than death and utter destruction is a sin. I stress that the religion's laws require that you understand the pain of others, therefore giving a person the right to give that same pain. That means that you cannot kill someone unless you are dead or have been killed (which is perfect for Hidan as he is immortal), thus requireng one to harm themself as a sacrifice everyday. Another requirement is that you pray to "Lord Jashin" (litteraly: evil god or evil heart)every day. The symbol worn on a neaklace by Jashinists in that of an upside-down triangle inside a circle (I've been told it is the fire-sign).
The laws of pain:
1- those who do not join our religion will die by the hands of those who have.
2-You must harm yourself as dedication.(Pain= Pleasure)
3-For those who do not understand the pain of others have no right to inflict that pain elsewhere.

A proper Jashinist will preach Jashinism whenever he/she has the chance.
by Loki.Metal January 08, 2009
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Hidan's psychotic relgion that keeps him from dying when kakuzu ass rapes him with his tentacles
FOR THE LOVE OF JASHIN KAKUZU BRING MY FUCKING BODY OVER HERE....pretty please with sugar on top...I love jashinism
by Squeakygymnast November 02, 2008
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