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Jasemin is a girl with a huge sense of humour. She is gorgeous mentally and physically, every boy wants to be with her but she is loyal to one guy only. IF a boy try's having fun with her she will call him out and tell him to back off if she is uncomfortable. She will always be the kind of friend to support and not judge you, no matter how bad the situation would be. In a relationship Jasemin will take it very seriously and will expect for you to care and show A LOT of affection, she loves for you to hug her and hold her hand in public but also in front of your friends. When Jasemin is around many people she can be very talkative but if she is around people that make her feel insecure she will go quiet and be really shy.
"Did you see that Jasemin girl over there?" Boy 1
"Yeah she is fine, i wouldnt mind being with her"
by Jasemin03 May 26, 2018
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