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A beautiful man - almost as hard to look at as Edward in the Twighlight books because he looks so good. He is brilliant, funny, and crazy athletic. He is gifted and extremely loveable. This boy would have to be the highlight of every party. He will probably steal your girlfriend, but you cannot do anything about it.
1: What the fuck, does he have diamond skin?
2: No, that's just a Jascha

1: I just came in my panties, is that Edward Cullen?
2: No, that is a Jascha
by MMMLuva February 05, 2010
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Chochua! random mofo that comes up with a bunch of weird phrases and noises often racist and/or against another individual. The sounds are combined with stupid faces at random motion. Normally, when jascha speaks its to make a racist comment.
Jascha: llalalaaa!!...fukin scheisse shamil!
by Alan Brown April 20, 2005
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A Frigid Bloke Who Will Never Ask Out Their Crush
"Ah yeah you know that Jascha prick, he still hasn't asked her out yet mate"
"Yeah but its bloody Jascha mate what do you expect?"
by iyeetpenis December 03, 2018
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