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1. Kind, Passionate, Friendly, go getter, loyal. The best kind of person to be with. Will always have your back. Great kisser and faithful till you aren't. Creative person. The type of person you would want by your side on any kind of project. Fashionably delightful.

2. King Jasai, son of King James from the Old Testament
Did you see Jasai today?, his butt looked so big in those jeans he had on! Wonder if he would let me hit..

Jasai is so creative and such a great boyfriend. He's gonna make a great husband one day.

Jasai has an anger problem, it's okay though. He can take his anger out on my booty.
by Majinnboo March 28, 2017
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A piece of shit that gets rejected all the time. also a skinny little bitch who eats her small dogs vagina.
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