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A young beautiful, ambitious, fun, bad-ass, Brazilian goddess with a lovely personality that strives for success, to gain intelligence, & enjoy life to its fullest extent.

- She always finds the brightest of situations even when she's at her worst point. She's fun to be with and you'll never have a dull moment when you're with her.

- When you have her as your own, be proud. She's hard to get and once you have her you know you've established something great.

She's crazy, has a great body and definitely a handful. She loves to go out. She's an amazing person to have in your life and she won't turn her back on you unless if you've given her a reason to. She's trustworthy and can cheer you up when you're bummed. F*ck with one and she'll do it 10x as bad. Get to know one, you won't regret it.
Edward: Jaritssa is .... Just wow I'm speechless.
Jacob: Words cannot describe her...she's flawless.
by jajajalepeno November 27, 2011
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A beautiful brazilian goddess, whose personality shines. Everyone envys Jaritssa. She has a skill in fashion and looking best, and crime scene investigation.
Jim says:She is so Jaritssa!
Joe says:I know right, she's beautiful just look at your thighs!!
by PruneLoaf November 24, 2009
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