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Jariana is a very lovely person,she’s loyal,goofy and always going to help you when you have problems.But you’ll never want to know her bad side because she can’t control that and you’ll regret it if you get her mad.She’s always laughing and doesnt matter if its something serious she’ll laugh and she won’t give no fucks
jariana cant take nothing serious
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by Loren12345 September 30, 2018
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The shipping of Justin bieber and Ariana grande - NOT jai brooks and Ariana
"Jariana would be such a cute couple"
by Karianabg August 02, 2016
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The imaginary, non-existent celibrity couple of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Many people confuse it with Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande, her REAL boyfriend. Jariana is wishful thinking, and it is never going to happen, because Ariana loves Jai, not Justin.
Person: OMG Jariana is so cute!!!!!

Person 2: No they're not, they don't exist
by Kathryn Joyce December 11, 2012
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