Used to describe a case of restaurant food poisoning accompanied by feelings of a jackhammer to the stomach and/or sudden, uncontrollable diarrhea.
"Dang woman, I think them chalupas compuestas gave me the jardines."
by Jupo February 04, 2005
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When fighting a relative new comer you get visicously knocked out ending with your mouthpiece rolling away like a busted tire
Dude that kid just Jardined that guy
by MMAman654 January 11, 2010
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Jardin is sassy , strong , and can break your heart when you hurt her. She can make you fall inlove with her but when you hurt her she will break your face . Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is made if gold. And she will hurt anyone that hurts her best friends.
Girl1 : he left me ( crying )

Girl2 : wait lets call jardin , she'll sort him out.
by NBlack August 17, 2017
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An ultimate upset usually resulting in embarrassment. It can occur at any given time or place and must be immediately identified by pointing and saying "JARDINE". Named after Keith Jardine following his knockout loss to Houston Alexander at UFC 71.
Kevin and Jeffery walk up to an ice cream stand. Jeffery orders two scoops of butter pecan. Kevin tries to to top his friends purchase buy ordering 3 scoops of moose tracks. As they are turning to walk away Kevin's top two scoops fall to the ground and he is left with only one. Jeffery immediately points and shouts "JARDINE" and Kevin ducks his head embarrassed.
by DeucieColeman December 29, 2011
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someone who is very shit with relationships but is one of the coolest and nice people you will ever meet and he is also very strong and good at most things that he does, so if you have a Jardine in your life then you should keep him no matter what.
girl 1: wow Jardine is so bad at having a relationship.
girl 2: yeah but his an amazing friend.
by GODcreatorOFwords September 03, 2018
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The amazing, beautiful, adorable, hilarious female singer in the pop-punk band We Are The In Crowd. She was born March 7 1991, is from Poughkeepsie New York, and likes turtles. :)
person 1: who is the most perfect person in the entire world in your opinion?
person 2: tay jardine, obv.
by unicornfaggot March 04, 2012
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