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A person who is overly/extremly obsessed with one or all of the following:

1.Japanese People
2.Japanese Culture
3.Japanese Clothing
4.Japanese Music
5.Japanese Food
6.Japanese Music
7.Japanese Books

They also have an odd obsession with School Girls, Bukkake, Bondage, and other Japanese-Related fetishes.

People who are Japophiles are often catorgorized with and mistaken for OTAKUs.
Boy 1: I don't understand it! Why am I so aroused by Japan?!
Boy 2:Because you're a JAPOPHILE!
by Tamoko April 26, 2006
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A perverted japanese pedophile that is obsessed with manga cartoonish cp, and or possibly buying sex toys and used panties out of the japanese vending machine.

They are used by sick people, because japs will never get laid for small penises they have, thats why they will buy from the japanese vending machine.

Unfortunetly, the sick plague has already spread to America in its dirty ways at places such big cities,blackMarkets, and maybe even childrens toy shops.If you get turned on to japanese cartoonish CP,espially if your over age 17,you too can become a japanese pedophile.

In japan no one vandalizes the machines, they respect perverted property, but in America, Fathers smash it good, because they are afraid that their kids might touch it.
They are JAPOPHILES, they draw little boys naked, they sell panties in vending machines, JAPOPHILES, JAPOPHILES, JAPOPHILES!!!
by Ryan Hookey January 02, 2008
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