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The Japanese Milkshake is an 7 man homosexual maneuver. It centers around one man in the middle. This man is sucking one guys dick, jerking one guy off with his left hand, jerking another guy off with his right hand, fingering one guys asshole with his left middle finger, fingering another guys asshole with his right middle finger, butt fucking one guy, and getting fucked in the ass by a man behind him. All men finish at the EXACT same time. This is the Japanese Milkshake. It can also be called the Irish Journey.
Demon Dave opened the doorway to true evil, which turned out to be him in the center of a Japanese Milkshake. "Well kiss a dick and call me princess." Demon Dave excitedly shouted.
by The Ender Smites Foes March 16, 2008
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The Japanese Milkshake involves first, partially melting icecream, to the point when it will easily slide into the anus. Several minutes after icecream insertion, the woman/man then deficates into the partners mouth. The partner then swallows the feces+milkshake concoction.
Benji just drank her japanese milkshake!

Would you like a chocolate or vanilla japanese milkshake?
by Tub le fille December 04, 2006
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