Jammy wammy is a friend you can always count on.Although sometimes a total weirdo you can always love and depend on them
Hi jammy wammy
by stinkwinky November 24, 2021
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Jammy Wammy is someone you can count on no matter what.Although sometimes toxic you can always love him<3
by stinkwinky November 24, 2021
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The true definition of a wanker that thinks he is really cool. He does not have a job and pretends to build houses.
Russell Gunther is a true jammy wanker
by russell gunther November 25, 2014
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A Jammy Wellsy is a person that uses other peoples pictures and pretends to be someone else to lure in little kids and exploit nudes from them.
I heard that Reece at school is a bit of a Jammy Wellsy, yeah I heard that too.
by Spectrumization April 4, 2018
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jammy yammy (aka jamie) is a great friend, hes funny, a bit of a pervert 😬😬 and just an overall great guy. if you've met him, you should be grateful to have/had him in your life. I know i am. He's my best friend and he means so much to me. He really is the bubbles to my blossom 🥺🥺 I hope we stay friends for our whole lives.
hey is that big jams? owo he is so cool

i know right! jammy yammy is so amazing uwu
by bellasuwu May 17, 2022
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The underwear under the underwear that Mormon women wear
Don't get your Jesus Jammies in a bunch.
by Kass96 March 21, 2017
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