1. Jamie Foxx is the first person to win an Academy Award for "Best Actor" and to have a #1 chart hit.

2. First african-american to be nominated for two Oscars in the same year.

3. The first person to have been nominated for three acting awards at the Golden Globes in the same year.
by mailto February 21, 2006
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Some of the definitions on here are crack! A crappy performance in Ray?! the man captured Ray Charles perfectly and hello...Ray Charles HIMSELF approved of Jamie Foxx for the movie! That movie was deep,insightful,and amazing! I'd like to see any of ya'll be a blind man for 3 months on a movie set!! Also some of you should do a little research before you post things like "no one really knows why is he famous" because you have obviously not seen him on In Living Color season 5. But i will admit him and rnb just dont mix...unpredictable that it was so bad. very out of character for him. stick to acting and comedy, jamie.
in living color was my favorite. Jamie Foxx was amazin in Ray.
by Celest August 08, 2006
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He's cool. He can sing and came out with the hit "Blame It" and was featured in a popular Kanye song "Gold Digger". He was in the movie about Ray Charles and Jarhead and appears on the Dave Chappelle Show. Which makes me laugh. I got his CD, Intuition, which is pretty good. In the beggining it's mostly club hits (in one, Lil' Wayne ruins his song which otherwise is great) and then turns into sex music. It also includes "Blame It".

He sings, acts, and my sister wants to ride him.
Jamie Foxx pretended to be blind drug addict in the Ray Charles movie.
by The 19th December 30, 2009
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A low brow actor from the '90s who somehow magically became famous within the last year or so. Almost the male equivalent of a Paris Hilton, where nobody can tell why exactly he's famous, he just is. Can't sing, can't act, appears everywhere, and is "popular" all of sudden simply because the media talks about him. Took humanity to an alltime low with his embarassing "rap" about him having a baby on the Oprah Winfrey Show
by Lament For The Last Days May 12, 2006
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A punk-ass bitch mofo that really has no point to being alive at all. He is best known for stealing the Academy Award for best actor in 2005 from Leonardo Dicaprio for a crappy performance in Ray.

Reasons that Jamie Foxx should be castrated:
1. Won an Academy Award for playing a similar role to Joaqiun Phoenix in Ray, while Joaquin Phoenix did not win.
2. Didn't even bother to lend his voice to the movie Ray, but yet, he's badass enough to sing back-up for Kanye.
3. Seems to show up at every award show, but hasn't been in a movie since Jarhead.
4. His last name is spelled with two "x"'s
5. Wears singlasses indoors when really, I don't think he's blind.
Jamie Foxx likes to steal things from other people. For example, an Academy Award.
by hxcbamf June 10, 2006
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