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A punk-ass bitch mofo that really has no point to being alive at all. He is best known for stealing the Academy Award for best actor in 2005 from Leonardo Dicaprio for a crappy performance in Ray.

Reasons that Jamie Foxx should be castrated:
1. Won an Academy Award for playing a similar role to Joaqiun Phoenix in Ray, while Joaquin Phoenix did not win.
2. Didn't even bother to lend his voice to the movie Ray, but yet, he's badass enough to sing back-up for Kanye.
3. Seems to show up at every award show, but hasn't been in a movie since Jarhead.
4. His last name is spelled with two "x"'s
5. Wears singlasses indoors when really, I don't think he's blind.
Jamie Foxx likes to steal things from other people. For example, an Academy Award.
by hxcbamf June 10, 2006
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