(James Johnson can't be explained)
by XMdj October 25, 2011
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Agervating it always something going on in every corner pressuring and it is very hard to not be called a "ThoT" A. k. A almost every body at that school is one.
James Weldon Johnson the school ThoTs attend.
by Elronzo October 30, 2017
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That Kid James Johnson is such a fucking tip rider it's unreal, he's been sucking best's dick for title pushes for a while now.
"That James Johnson is a fucking midget."
by SCWWrestling May 5, 2020
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Next basketball player, 1st draft pick, Next NBA Hall Of Famer. Possible winner of the dunk contest via double trampoline
OH i love james johnson. He started playing ROBLOX but now is a big star.
by epicgamer91923 May 5, 2020
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