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A Really Handsome Young Popular Man Who Treats Women Very Nice And He Is a Funny Kid He Will Do Anything To Make Family And Friends Laugh His Brown eyes Black Hair Will Attract Any Women Always Have Fun And Always Turnt
Man remember jamarion last night he's so pretty and funny and fun
by Definition Man 101 May 26, 2018
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A sweet, cool and turnt up person a wealthy guy with lots of money he loves girls who love him . Nice to people who are nice to him.
by Jamarion January 03, 2017
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A boy that is loyal, smart, funny, and ruff. He usually plays to much on pranks and gets a kick out of doing it. He can be sometype of careful about people. Jamarion is a true friend and will be there if you get hurt. He may get in trouble ALOT but he is a good kid. If u have a friend like him I suggest don’t lose him.
“Hey that kid is a Jamarion!”
Oh yeah his pretty cute.”
by Sophia Sheffield January 20, 2019
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